Friday, 20 January 2017

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

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Simplify Development: Use Add-Ons for Cloud Services

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No app is an island. Your app will typically need a host of additional services, perhaps for sending emails, or persisting data, or adding search functionality.

The Heroku Elements Marketplace provides dozens of these third-party cloud services that can be used out of the box.

Provisioning is simple, usually just a matter of doing something like:

$ heroku addons:add <add-on-name>

Most add-ons make an environment variable available to your running app, which you can then use to connect to the service.

In other words, you can add significant functionality to your app with just a few key strokes — start by locating an add-on, and then navigating to its documentation.


Happy coding!

The Heroku team


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Save the Day: Rollback Your App

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When you deploy or change your app configuration, Heroku creates a new release and restarts your app. You can list the history of releases, and use rollbacks to revert to prior releases for backing out of bad deploys or config changes.

This is awesome if you've just deployed a new release of your application that breaks something critical.

$ heroku releases
Rel   Change          By                    When
----  --------------  --------------------  --------------
v51  Deploy de6388   7 minutes ago
v50  Deploy 7c35f77   3 hours ago

$ heroku rollback
Rolled back to v50

Running on a rolled-back release is meant as a temporary fix — especially useful when you realize you've accidentally deployed a bug. If you are on a rolled-back release, fix and commit the problem locally and redeploy to create a new release.

For more information, visit the release documentation.

Happy coding!

The Heroku team